THE promotional Value of
THERMO-retractable Sleeves


The retail sector is constantly changing, each day there is more product variety and new focus groups. To stand out to the consumer, the defining element is the presentation of your product - escpecially when it concern fast moving consuming goods. The thermo-retractable cases allow decoration and product information to be placed on the entire 360ยบ surface of the packaging.

The presentation of any product is extremely important in the decision of the consumer at the point of sale. A good presentation and decoration of the product is the last opportunity which the manufacturer has to convince the consumer. Also, the sleeve can seal off the product giving it security (temper-evident), and at the same time showing the characteristics and qualities of it.



Sleevable offers thermo-retractable sleeves with up to 8 colours and a wide range of special finishes. In combination with our design studio we are able to bring the best of sleeves to your products.

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